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We did our research and we waited until the time was right.  So now we are extremely proud to present the latest addition to our fleet ... the FunkyMirror Magic Mirror, from Fotomaster.


The Mirror Me Magic Mirror from Fotomaster is without doubt, the best mirror available in the world, with amazing animations, games and much more.


Just like our booth it comes with loads of dress up props to add to the fun but you and your guests will be amazed by the Mirror's animations to encourage the best photos possible, with the odd impromptu game thrown in, such as Pong, Fruit Machine or even a screaming contest, all possible with our amazing Mirror, ideal for Wedding Breakfasts, Evening Receptions, Parties, Corporate Events and Award Ceremonies.


It even has a built in motion detector that will allow waving your arms in the air, smiling, or simply walking past to bring it to life.


Custom Animations can be produced for that extra personal touch to make the mirror unique to you.


As ever, your prints can be personalised with your name(s) and your guests can even sign their pics on the large touch screen, before they are printed.  


Click below to book !

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Our Funky 3 Hour Fully Managed FunkyMirror Package Includes


Unlimited visits and prints (one print per visit)

Superior/custom designed prints with personalised message

Box of props

Digital Signing of Photos

Digital copy of all photos and videos on USB

Upload of images to a gallery on our facebook page

Extra set of prints in a guestbook for your guests to sign



All this for just £425