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Quite simply ... Because We Care !!!


We always go the extra mile to ensure your Booth Experience is Perfect, and Memorable for all the right reasons.


Long after your party has finished we believe it is very important that your photos and prints look fantastic, and not plain and boring.


We have far superior print designs to suit every occasion and can customise them to fit your needs.


Here are a few examples of our print layouts available, at no extra cost with any of our Packages ...


* Multiple Green Screen Backgrounds is a Free Option in our Superior and Complete Booth Packages *

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Print Layout and Green Screens for a Hollywood Themed Wedding

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Print Layout to match Party Invitations and Green Screens designed by us for a 90s Themed Birthday Party

Print Layout for a Bride and Groom going on a USA Tour for their Honeymoon

And here are a few examples from some other booth companies ...

Competitor Mock Up 1 Competitor Mock Up 2 Competitor Mock Up 3

So which do you prefer ??

In the next two examples we arranged green screens personal to the couples.  In the first one, they had their wedding in Greece, so we asked the hotel if we could use pictures from their website, and in the second one we used the Wedding Venue (with permission), followed by where they met, where they went for their first holiday, and where they were going on their honeymoon, all to make the prints very personal to them.

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And, perhaps most importantly, an ethos carried over from over 25 years in the disco business, we have never let a single client down, once we accept a booking we will be there.  Our units are built by a reputable booth manufacturer, fit for purpose, PAT certified, and insured for Public Liability.